Hello and welcome to our product analysis tool tutorial!

In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to use our product analysis tool to gain valuable insights into any TPT product by simply entering the product's link into our tool. With this tool, you can easily access important data points that will help you better understand the performance of a product on TPT.

Here are the key data points you can obtain with our product analysis tool:

  1. Number of characters in the product description (with and without spaces)
  2. The number of links found in the product description.
  3. Product rating
  4. Preview (Yes/No)
  5. Number of store followers
  6. Easel by TpT Activity: (Yes/No)
  7. Number of product downloads/sales
  8. Date of first publication of the product
  9. Most frequent words in the description (word: number)
  10. The most frequent phrases in the description (combination: number)

By using our product analysis tool, you can quickly and easily analyze any TPT product and gain insights into its overall performance, its reach, and its level of engagement with TPT users. You can use this information to inform your own TPT selling strategy and help you to create better products that will perform well on TPT.

So, whether you are a TPT seller looking to gain an edge in a competitive market or a TPT user looking to gain insights into the performance of a particular product, the TPTSEO.Tools product analysis tool is the perfect tool for you.

Thank you for reading and happy analyzing!