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Wellcome to TPTSEO Tools!

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Unlock the full potential of your TpT store with TptSEO.Tools! Our powerful suite of SEO tools will help you optimize your listings, boost your visibility, and drive more sales.

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Modern features that will make your TpT Success.

Keyword suggestions

SEO tool generates relevant keywords for better TpT search engine ranking.

Keyword monitoring

Tool tracks daily keyword performance for everyday SEO strategy adjustments.

Product analysis

SEO tool examines competitor product descriptions to inform SEO strategy.

TpT planner

for Free helps increase productivity and success on the platform.

Keyword Planner

find any keyword ideas with Google and unlock your keyword potential.

and more...

We are constantly developing new SEO tools.

Maximize Your TpT Success with our SEO Tools!

We specialize in developing useful marketing tools for TpT sellers. Our tools and services are designed to help you improve your tpt store's search engine rankings, increase traffic, and boost conversions. Take control of your TpT success with today!

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Find your best SERP product position for your keyword.

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Keywords Limit - 10

Analyzer - unlimited

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Meet Max Safianov,
Creator of

Hi there! I'm Max, and I'm the mastermind behind My journey with TpT started when my wife, a TeacherPayTeachers seller, asked for help with her business. To support her, I developed a tool to track the positions of her store for specific keywords.

This sparked an idea to create a comprehensive platform with a suite of tools to help TpT sellers understand their products and improve their search result ranking. And thus, was born!

Join me on this journey to help TpT sellers succeed and grow their businesses.

P.S. The TTP SEO tools are completely free to use, and there is no subscription fee required. The "Buy me a coffee" option on Ko-fi is purely optional and serves as a way for users to support our platform, but it is not necessary to access any features or services.

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