The purpose of monitoring keywords on Tptseo tools is to keep a close eye on your product ranking on, which can help you understand the performance of your products and identify areas for improvement.

To start monitoring your keywords on Tptseo tools, simply go to the "Add Keyword" section and enter the keyword you want to track.

Tptseo tools have a user-friendly interface, and the filter block works like the search filters on This means you can monitor your products based on specific criteria such as price, format, resource type, grade level, and subject.

When using Tptseo tools, think about your target audience and their search habits. If you have a specific target, use the search filters to monitor your keywords for that audience. If not, you can still use the filters to get a general understanding of your product performance. You can add the same keyword with or without filters, and in the monitoring table, the keyword with filters applied will be indicated by (f).

After setting up your monitoring, give it a few seconds to find your best position. The ranking of your products can fluctuate, so be patient and give it some time to stabilize.

With Tptseo tools, you'll have access to valuable insights that can help you improve your SERP results product ranking on