As you may be aware, TpT uses an “autocomplete” service in its search field that suggests terms as you type. These suggestions are typically based on the most popular search terms related to what is being typed in the search box. This means that you can see what teachers are actively searching for at any given time when using the TpT search box.

To make this process more efficient and faster, we have developed a TpT search “emulator” that can search and display up to 20 keyword results at once per sheet.

You can input your primary keyword in the form and receive real-time keyword suggestions from TpT. For example, if you input the keyword "Math", the results displayed will be the same as if you typed the word into TpT's search box. But you have it all in one glance, without the need to search one by one and record the results.

A keyword tree is a nested list of related keywords that allows you to see how different keywords relate to each other and how they can be used together to optimize your content for search engines.

To create a keyword tree, you can use a tool like TPTSEO's "Keyword Suggestion" feature. Simply enter your keyword into the search field and click "Find". The tool will then generate a list of related keywords based on the data from the TpT site.

Once you have your list of related keywords, the tool will organize them in a hierarchical structure. The main keyword will be at the top of the tree, with related keywords branching out from it. Each related keyword will be listed under its corresponding parent keyword in a nested list format, allowing you to see the relationships between the keywords at a glance.

A keyword tree is a useful tool for identifying new opportunities for optimization and understanding the keyword landscape in your niche. It can help you to target specific keywords and optimize your content to improve your search engine rankings.

Overall, a keyword tree is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to improve their SEO strategy. With tools like TPTSEO's "Keyword Suggestion" feature, creating a keyword tree has never been easier.

This tool can be used for:

  • Researching current trends in real-time by seeing what words and phrases teachers are using at the moment.
  • Generating ideas for product creation by learning what resources teachers are looking for at the moment.
  • Viewing seasonal trends.
  • Improving product titles and/or descriptions to better reflect what a teacher might call your resource.
  • Can be used to inspire blog post topics, social media posts, etc.